Capital City Senior Olympic Games in Full Swing

Capital Health Plan is proud to sponsor Tallahassee’s 10th annual Capital City Senior Games to support active lifestyles within the local senior community. The Senior Games is an entertaining Olympics-style event with activities ranging from traditional archery and bowling to powerlifting and table tennis, and more. The games began March 1 and will run through March 11, so there’s still time to take in some of the fun!

Spectators, volunteers, and Olympians age 55 and older are bringing their “A” game to this highly anticipated event. Age is but a number when it comes to this competition, so don’t underestimate the strength and resilience of these active and healthy seniors. For many of the senior athletes, training began months before the event, making for a fierce and serious competition. With over 20 events in 14 different sports, the Capital City Senior Olympic Games has an activity for every interest and skill level.

Whether you favor fun or rivalry, the primary focus of the event is to keep seniors up and active. Capital Health Plan (CHP) proactively promotes senior wellness and healthy aging, making it a natural booster of the Senior Games. Capital Health Plan believes you don’t have to slow down just because you get older, and that’s why it encourages Tallahassee’s senior community to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, even as residents get older.

The Capital City Senior Olympics isn’t the only way CHP supports the local senior community – in fact, CHP prides itself on being one of the best in the nation for aiding the senior population. Capital Health Plan hosts many events and seminars to promote healthy aging and senior wellness. For example, CHP’s Savvy Senior seminars offer helpful information on such topics as healthy eating or how to prevent falls. CHP also offers Medicare Made Easy seminars to provide helpful information that can make transitioning to Medicare easy and stress-free. These topics become more important with age, as going into your senior years without the right information can be extremely stressful and confusing.

Through its continued support of the Capital City Senior Games, CHP is proud to play an important role in caring for seniors and encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle!