Frequently Asked Questions

Alternative Languages and Formats

Find help regarding languages, and formats, and how to get help communicating here.

Benefits and Claims

Looking for help regarding benefits and claims? Here are answers to common questions.


Concerned about protecting yourself from fraud? Here are answers to common questions regarding compliance.

Dependent Care

Find the answer you're looking for when you need quick help regarding dependent care.

Doctor and Provider Practice

If you are a doctor or provider, here are some common questions and answers when you need help.

Emergency Care

Learn more about the variety of options you have available to you as a CHP member when it comes to emergency care.

Employer and Agent Services

Looking for help regarding employer and agent services? Here are some answers to common questions.

Member Reimbursements

Looking for the gym reimbursement form? Want to know how to get reimbursed for your prescription? Learn more here.

Member Services

Here are answers to some common questions regarding CHP member services.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Looking for help regarding your prescription drug benefits? Find answers here to some common questions.