Careers at Capital Health Plan

As a leading health care organization Capital Health Plan has served the Panhandle of Florida since 1982. The Capital Health Plan work experience can be set apart from others by the importance we place on…

  • Your Passion. We know that you are motivated by helping people. Every position at Capital Health plan either heals people, helps people or supports each other, so that we can achieve our best.
  • Your Motivation. You will work with others that have built Capital Health Plan’s reputation of superior quality and member satisfaction. High performance is valued and rewarded. Due to our lean structure, you will find a wide range of opportunities to contribute to our continually improving organization.
  • Your Best. Capital Health Plan has been the #1 ranked HMO in Florida for over 20 years. Capital Health Plan is consistently recognized by CMS and NCQA as one of the top rated plans in the United States. We need you to replicate this long-term trend for years to come.
  • Members/Patients. We respond to our member’s and patient’s needs as our highest priority and always seek opportunities to improve their experience with Capital Health Plan. Our employees are motivated by the difference they make in other people’s lives and share a responsibility to work together to better serve our members.
  • Community. As a regional non-profit HMO, Capital Health Plan is dedicated to providing health care coverage at an affordable and predictable cost to the businesses and people of our community. Capital Health Plan is widely recognized as an integral community partner among the local health care providers, businesses, and government. You will belong to an organization that supports this community and is dedicated to our community partners.

If this is you…

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Our Vision

Nationally Recognized Quality, Locally Trusted, and Affordable Healthcare

Our Mission

As an HMO, we exist to improve the health of our communities by providing high quality, comprehensive health plans with low administrative costs, through primary care focused, patient-centered healthcare. 

Our Values

We expect every Team Member to share our Values and be:

Customer Service

Compassionate Professional


Responsible Accountable

Continuous Improvement

Engaged Innovative

High Performance

Dedicated to Excellence

Capital Health Plan recognizes that the ability to succeed in fulfilling our Vision and Mission is dependent upon attracting, growing and retaining a diverse, high-performing workforce that reflects our core values of Compassion, Professional, Responsible, Accountable, Engaged, Innovative, and Dedicated to Excellence.

The CHP Engaging in Employee Excellence program offers exciting Employee Engagement & Community Service Opportunities. This program engages and motivates employees to become an effective, high-performing workforce that makes a difference in people’s lives and our communities.