Building a Lasting Health Care Relationship: Your Guide to Finding the Right Doctor

Finding and maintaining a good relationship with the right doctor is crucial to your health care journey. You’ll want to consider multiple factors when searching for a primary care physician. Here is a guide to identifying the best doctor for your needs, to help you create a long-lasting and trusting relationship.

The first step is to identify which primary care physicians are accepting new patients. Capital Health Plan’s Doctor/Provider Directory helps you find available doctors and narrow down your options. Having a set list of doctors to choose from is a great starting point.

Creating a list of additional preferences helps you further streamline your list. Such factors as the doctor’s specialty, location, and gender may be important to you when looking for a trusted physician. Think about the qualities you’re looking for in your physician and try to find someone who fulfills those criteria. 

One way to know if a doctor matches your preferences is by consulting with your family and friends. If the people closest to you also use Capital Health Plan, asking them about their experiences can provide valuable insights, giving you a better understanding of their opinions on particular doctors. Taking advice from someone with firsthand knowledge can inform you about a doctor’s methods, character, and communication styles.  

Part of prioritizing your health is finding a doctor you can trust and rely on. If you’re struggling to find the right doctor, try using these tips. To find more information about Capital Health Plan’s doctors and providers, go to or call member services at (850) 383 - 3311.