5 Ways to Keep an Eye on Your Eye Health This Summer

Summer brings with it fun outdoor activities like lounging on the beach or by the pool, taking vacations, and a host of outdoor sports. But as temperatures heat up and sunshine lasts longer, it is crucial to protect ourselves from more than just sunburns.

Watch out for the Sun

Since applying sunscreen to your eyes is not an option, it is essential to shield your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun. Regular use of sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays and a wide-brimmed hat are imperative to protect from long-term damage and help delay cataracts from developing in the future. The UV light can also be very damaging on a cloudy day, so it is important to keep your eyes covered even then. By remembering to reach for your hat and sunglasses, you can keep the fun in the sun going for years to come.

Leave Fourth of July Fireworks to the Professionals

Sometimes the risk involved with fireworks isn’t worth the spectacle. The best way to avoid injury to your eyes during a fireworks show is to leave them to the professionals. Some of the most severe eye injuries that occur during the summer are the result of the mishandling of fireworks. A 2017 study recorded almost 13,000 fireworks-related injuries that year, and you don’t want to be included in this year’s count.

Protect your eyes while gardening

Yardwork is a given during the summer months. To keep our lawns from turning into a jungle, many of us turn to the use of powerful machines like lawn mowers and weed trimmers. These machines are so useful because of their power, but that same power can become dangerous to your eyes. For example, the blades of a lawn mower can potentially shoot out small objects like rocks directly into your eye. To avoid this injury, invest in a sturdy pair of protective goggles to wear when working outside.

Stay safe while sporting

Summer is the season of sports. Any sport with small balls, like golf or tennis, is particularly dangerous because impact from such an object without the use of protective eyewear can result vision loss due to retinal damage or glaucoma.

Get your eyes checked regularly

Getting your eyes checked regularly can lead to the prevention of many eye-related issues that affect your ability to work and enjoy life. Capital Health Plan offers comprehensive eye exams, treatment of eye diseases, minor eye surgeries, low vision exams for the visually impaired, and optical and contact lens services. It is especially important to get checked if you notice anything unusual regarding your eyes or vision.

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Dr. Daniel J. Lazar is Capital Health Plan’s Chief of Eye Care and is a board-certified optometrist.