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2020 SOF Benefits Summary

PDF icon 2020 Retiree Advantage Summary of Benefits.pdf


2020 SOF High Deductible Health HMO Plan SBC

PDF icon SOF High Deductible Health HMO Plan SBC.pdf


2020 SOF Standard HMO Plan SBC

PDF icon SOF Standard HMO Plan SBC.pdf

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2020 Standard Option I 103050 SBC

PDF icon Standard Option 1.pdf

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2020 State of Florida Benefit Summary

PDF icon 2020 SOF Benefits Summary_revised.pdf


2020 State of Florida Comparison

PDF icon 2020 SOF RA Plan Comparison Sheet.pdf


2020 State of Florida Retiree Advantage Evidence of Coverage

PDF icon 2020- EOC- SOF Retiree-Advantage-replacement II.pdf

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2020 Tiered PCP 153050 SBC

PDF icon Tiered PCP Selection 15.30.50.pdf

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2020 Tiered PCP No Rx SBC

PDF icon 2020 - Tiered PCP Selection - No Rx.pdf

2020 FEHB Benefits Brochure

PDF icon 2020 FEHB Benefits Brochure.pdf

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3101 - Platinum 153050 2020

PDF icon 3101 Platinum 2020.pdf

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3102 - Platinum 204060 2020

PDF icon 3102 Platinum 2020.pdf

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3104 - Gold 2065100 2020

PDF icon 3104 Gold 2020.pdf

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3106 - Gold 156080 2020

PDF icon 3106 Gold 2020.pdf


Agent Appointment Application

PDF icon Agent Appointment Application.pdf


Agent Partner Guide

PDF icon 2019_01_004_agent_guide_final_web.pdf

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Amwell Frequently Asked Questions

PDF icon Amwell FAQ General.pdf

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Amwell Quick Start Guide

PDF icon Amwell Quick Start Guide.pdf

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Anesthesia and Facility Charges for Dental Services MCR

PDF icon Anesthesia and Facility MCR.pdf

Application Form

PDF icon Application Form.pdf

Application Process Guidelines

PDF icon Application Process Guidelines.pdf


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Services Com

PDF icon Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services.pdf


Appointment of Representative Form

PDF icon appointment-of-representative-form.pdf

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Authorization to Use or Disclose Protected Health Information

PDF icon Authorization to Disclose PHI_FILLABLE.pdf