Direct Deposit

PaySpan is health care's leading provider of payment reimbursement solutions. The PaySpan network connects over 700 health plans with over 1.3 million provider payees and 107 million consumers. With the largest health care network in the U.S., PaySpan provides payment automation services that improve administrative efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, and allow providers to manage their reimbursements. CHP has partnered with Payspan to provide claim reimbursement and remittance advice for our providers. This free service electronically deposits CHP provider reimbursement payments to the bank account(s) of your choice via electronic funds transfer (EFT) and provides online access to Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and payment reconciliation reports. Follow the instructions below to set your practice up for Payspan's direct deposit:

  • Register for your unique PaySpan registration code(s) online.
  • Register for your unique PaySpan registration code(s) via email with Provider Support.
    • Please use subject line "Registration Code Request - Capital Health" and include the Tax Identification Number for your practice in the body of the email. Your payments will be received via mail until you enroll in EFT.
  • Once you receive your unique PaySpan registration code(s), you can then enroll in EFT.

For additional assistance, please visit PaySpan Support, email PaySpan Support directly, or call 877-331-7154 Option 1.