Tallahassee Senior Center Offers Free Virtual Exercise Classes

Toni Kilgore, Medicare Sales Manager

Under normal circumstances, the beginning of June marks a welcome shift in the year. It’s a time when we breathe a collective sigh as we look to the lazy days of summer.

Unfortunately, June feels so much different this year as Tallahassee, the nation, and the world continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. Although our expectations of summer have changed dramatically, we can adapt and use this time to still have fun and feel good.

At CHP, we are committed to helping those in our community live an active, healthy lifestyle – no matter the circumstances. This summer is no different. So to have a fun and healthy season ahead, we encourage everyone to stay moving, stay fresh, and stay connected. 

Stay Moving.

Consistent exercise reaps nothing but benefits. Even going for a daily walk can do wonders for both your mental and physical health. Not only does exercise help calm the mind, but it also protects and strengthens the immune system, which is something none of us should take for granted right now. Consider spicing up your workout routine with free virtual exercise classes. The Tallahassee Senior Center currently hosts a “Mindful Movement” class, a yoga-based lesson that focuses on increasing energy, reducing falls, and maintaining flexibility. For more information, visit facebook.com/TallahasseeSeniorCenter.

Stay Fresh.

Social distancing and quarantining have us all feeling a little cooped up and antsy. To combat these feelings, it’s important to stick to a consistent hygiene routine and be sure to get some fresh air regularly. While living in our sleepwear or sweats for the last several months may have been a comfy perk, getting dressed as if you’ll be seeing people outside the house can help you feel fresh and productive and bring some normalcy to your routine. Not only will your self-confidence grow, but you’ll feel refreshed wearing a clean, coordinated outfit. Also, make sure to devote some time to being outdoors. Fresh air helps clear your mind and the warm sunlight can relax your entire body. You may also consider hosting very small social gatherings outdoors, as long as everyone follows social distancing guidelines and you keep in mind the heat and humidity that define a Tallahassee summer. There is less risk of infection outside since scientists believe direct sunlight helps kill the coronavirus.

Stay Connected

In addition to physical health, emotional and social health are vital components for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At a time like this, it’s important that we actively cultivate healthy emotional and social practices so we don’t get overwhelmed. Try hosting a family-and-friends game night on Zoom. You may find that games like Taboo, Guess Who, and Battleship can be more fun when played online. Even if you don’t want to host formal online meetups, try to stay connected to your social support system in whatever way possible. Don’t hesitate to lean on your friends and family to help support you and maintain that essential sense of community.

As we get deeper into summer, you may find some of these tips helpful to stay healthy and happy. At CHP, we are committed to helping everyone in our community live an active, healthy lifestyle – no matter what circumstances we may all be facing.