Preventive Care

“I feel fine. I see a doctor when I’m sick. Why do I need a primary care doctor?”

Reactive health care can lead to issues you didn’t know you had and can keep you from living life at your healthiest. Instead of being reactive, be proactive!

According to the National Institute of Health/National Library of Medicine, all adults at all ages should visit a primary care doctor from time to time, even when they are healthy. Some of the reasons for this are outlined below:

  • Screening for diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer

  • Looking for future risks such as high cholesterol

  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy and safe and effective exercise

  • Updating any needed vaccinations

  • Discussing medications or supplements

  • Maintaining a working relationship with your doctor in case of illness

Having screening tests done through your doctor can help avoid problems in the future or find an issue that needs to be addressed. Your primary care doctor can recommend which screening tests are needed and their frequency. Some routine screening tests that may be done or scheduled include:

  • Blood tests, such as for sugar and cholesterol

  • Urine tests, such as for bacteria or protein

  • Colon cancer screening

  • Screening for depression

  • Screening for economic or social factors that may prevent a healthy lifestyle or access to care

  • Breast cancer and cervical cancer screening

  • Screening for socially or sexually transmitted diseases

  • Osteoporosis screening

Another part of preventive health is knowing your body so that you can recognize changes and report them to your doctor. These might include:

  • A lump or bump

  • Body aches or pains

  • Changes in stools or urine

  • Any change or symptom that is bothersome

Stay as healthy as possible with proactive, routine preventive care and a trusted primary care doctor to help you navigate the process.

Sourced By: Healthwise
Reviewed By: Capital Health Plan Physicians Group
Posted: February 5, 2024

2024-02-05 21:00:00