Capital Health Plan Welcomes New Doctors

Capital Health Plan (CHP) proudly welcomes two primary care physicians to its family of medical professionals: Dr. Angela M. Bradford and Dr. Simon J. Lopez. With the addition of these medical practitioners, CHP continues to expand and further provide its members with improved clinical access and affordable care.

Dr. Angela M. Bradford is proud to serve the Tallahassee community by providing outstanding primary care services. Dr. Bradford’s passion focuses on advocating for reproductive and LGBTQ+ health. Having studied at the Florida State University College of Medicine, Dr. Bradford is excited to give back to the same community that provided the foundation for her medical education and career. Her practice is located at CHP’s Governor’s Square Health Center.

Family Medicine Physician Dr. Simon J. Lopez has similarly spent his life combining his passion for science with his desire to help others. Following his studies at the Florida State University College of Medicine, clinical rotations at the Daytona Beach regional campus shaped Dr. Lopez’s devotion to women's health and preventive medicine. Dr. Lopez recently completed his residency and earned his board certification in Family Medicine. His practice is located at CHP’s Centerville Health Center.

Dr. Bradford and Dr. Lopez serve as notable additions to the CHP team of local in-center physicians. To sign up as a new patient, visit