CHP Choice Card

Capital Health Plan Medicare Advantage Plus (HMO) and Preferred Advantage (HMO) Plans Keep Getting Better!

What is the Capital Health Plan Choice Card?

When you select either Capital Health Plan Medicare Advantage Plus (HMO) or Preferred Advantage (HMO) Plan, the Choice Card lets you personalize your coverage.

As part of your benefits, you’ll receive a preloaded Mastercard debit card in the amount of $400 or $600 each year to help pay towards the cost of:

Tooth icon


No Networks! You have the flexibility to go where you want

Hearing Aid Icon


No Networks! Choose where you want to go

OTC Medication Icon


Order the products you need with your OTC Benefit today!

Examples of Over-the-Counter products available to purchase are Vitamins, Band-Aids, Eye Drops, Cough Medicine and much more

Order by phone, online or purchase at your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or Crawfordville Pharmacy

Account Balance

Review your account Balance or file a claim

Beginning January 1st, 2022 you will be able to review your balance and file a claim online at or by calling 1-833-509-1543.

You may also submit a claim by mailing the completed Reimbursement Request Form and your supporting documentation to:

Capital Health Choice Card Services, P.O. Box 3124, Fargo ND  58108-3124

CHP choice card

Use the CHP Choice Card to apply to Dental Services or to help pay towards the cost for Hearing Aids

Your Choice, Flexible! No Networks

If you’re eligible for Medicare, Capital Health Plan is the plan for you. So, select a plan that puts money back in your pocket!

Please see our CHP Choice Card Benefit FAQ for additional information on your CHP Choice Card. 

Enrolling over the phone is easy.